If I were to ask everyone reading this, to raise their hand if they’re questioning, or ever have questioned, their relationship, you wouldn’t believe how many hands you’d see. You’re not alone. You’re just five fingers in a sea of hands. Everyone questions their relationship and their love at some …
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Sometimes, the hardest part of dating is putting yourself out there to begin with. Rejection is never pleasant, and the fear of rejection can be enough to deter a person from even trying. It’s rather interesting, if you think about it. We only fear being rejected when we meet a …
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I have readers reaching out to me every week, more often than not asking for advice. While the questions do vary, there is one question that seems to be on more people’s minds than any other. “Should I call it quits, or should I stick it out?” Should you stick …
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  Do you ever take the time in your day to stop and consider the way those around you see the world? Each conscious existence is composed of experiences and thoughts. Each person having different experiences and thoughts. It’s easy to brush this off and say that, even though we …
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  Dear You, I think back at the last few years, the first of many to be spent without you. It’s crazy realizing that you haven’t been a part of them at all. I sometimes still find it difficult to accept that this is the way things are going to be …
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